Tune Up Your HVAC System

Let us know when you need HVAC repair in Flint, MI

HVAC repair isn't the kind of thing you should put off. A minor problem can quickly turn into a huge catastrophe. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble by calling on Lyons Heating & Cooling as soon as you notice a problem with your heating and cooling.

We'll conduct a thorough inspection to determine what kind of maintenance or repairs you need. Then, we'll get started on the repairs you need.

Let us know as soon if you notice:

  • Moisture around your air conditioner
  • Uneven temperatures from room to room
  • Rust flakes around your furnace
Call now to request our HVAC repair services in Flint, MI.

Make sure you have hot water when you want it

Make sure you have hot water when you want it

Not much is worse than getting all ready for a shower only to find that there's no hot water. If your water heater is broken, we can help. You can expect top-notch water heater repair services whenever you need them.

Contact us today to ask about the water heater repair we do in Flint, MI.